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Man Running Around The World Sees His Mom For The First Time Since Dad’s Death In Emotional Reunion

A runner hugs his mom by the roadside.

After running around the world for 441 days, Tim Franklin came upon the best sight he’d seen in his travels so far: his mom! He hadn’t hugged her since his father had passed away. Naturally, the first thing he did when his saw his mother was break down and cry! When she pulled him into a tender embrace, he quickly wrapped his arms around her, too.

Tim shared footage of this special moment on his TikTok account, @timrunstheworld, where he’s been documenting his journey running around the world. Commenters were truly moved by the sweet reunion!


Day 441 of running around the world and I cant imagine a better surprise..

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“This is the most pure emotional video I think I’ve watched,” wrote one user.

“This is beautiful mate, nothing in the world like a hug from your mum,” added another.

Running around the world wasn’t always a goal of Tim’s. It all started when the Australian’s health began to decline, according to his website. As a lawyer, his career led to a number of poor lifestyle choices including an unhealthy diet and not enough exercise. He decided to turn his life around by running, and he’s never looked back.

A runner hugs his mom by the roadside.
Screengrab from TikTok

You can follow Tim Franklin’s impressive progress running around the world on his Instagram!

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