Man Paralyzed While Surfing Proves Doctors Wrong, Goes On To Run Marathons.

Tim Marovt

After a rare injury at only 12 years old, doctors told Tim Marovt that he would never walk again, but he refused to accept that fate. After years of rehabilitation, he proved those doctors wrong by running marathons and climbing mountains.

Tim detailed his injury while talking on Radio Maribor. He explained that he was surfing while on vacation in Hawaii, and about 30 minutes in, he felt a sudden pain in his spine. He got out of the water to rest and suddenly lost the use of his legs.

“After about twenty minutes I wanted to go to the bathroom,” he shared. “And then I tried to get up, and my legs were soft, and I fell on the floor. We immediately called an ambulance.”

Tim Marovt in hospital paralyzed

After being rushed to the hospital, Tim learned that he had surfer myelopathy. Johns Hopkins writes that the injury is due to “severe compression that may result from trauma, congenital stenosis, degenerative disease or disc herniation.” It typically leads to lifelong paralysis. NIH reports that there are only 60 reported cases of surfer myelopathy to date.

 “They immediately prepared me for how I would live in a wheelchair,” he continued.

Tim Marovt had been an active child leading up to that day. Not only did he surf, but he was also a skilled skier, and he decided that day that he would not spend his life tied down by his injury.

With the help of his family, he was able to overcome his diagnosis.

Paralyzed man walks again

“[My] family always believed in me and helped me from the very beginning, [before] the first movements even started, my mother got up in the middle of the night and she moved my legs. My brother carried me up the stairs when I couldn’t walk.” 

Tim Marovt Runs Marathons Across the Globe to Inspire Others to Overcome the Impossible

Today, Tim has not only returned to walking and driving, but he skis and continues to challenge himself by running marathons across the globe. Last year alone he ran marathons in London, Paris, Dallas, Manchester, Vienna, and Ljubljana, according to his Instagram page. He also climbed “the highest peak in Slovenia.”

“In 2024, I aim to make even more significant moves,” he shared.

Tim Marovt finishing marathon.

Tim Marovt, now 22, has dedicated to helping others find the confidence and courage to overcome their disabilities through Timson.

“Everything starts with a dream and a vision. Visualize your success as clearly as possible. Believe in it strongly,” he penned on his webpage. “Practice self-discipline, and take action. You can rise above all the odds. But ultimately, the greatest victory is overcoming yourself.”

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