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Man Leaves Astounding $10K Tip At Restaurant To Honor Friend Who Just Died.

A receipt from a restaurant with a $10,000 tip.

When a server at this Michigan restaurant received a $10,000 tip on a $32 bill, she was understandably confused. However, when the manager at The Mason Jar Cafe double-checked with the customer, it turned out this huge number was no mistake. The man was adamant about leaving the generous gratuity to the waitress who had served his meal. His reason for doing so made the act of kindness even more beautiful!

According to NBC 5, this customer was in town for a funeral. When he stopped in at the restaurant, he decided to leave the amazing tip in honor of his deceased friend. The Mason Jar Cafe shared a post on Facebook about the man’s incredible deed.

A receipt from a restaurant with a $10,000 tip.

“In a time where so much is happening, we wanted to share and thank the person who did this life changing act,” read the caption. “Things can feel real heavy sometimes, but this was such an amazing act to have seen first hand in our restaurant.”

As so often happens, one act of kindness led to another. Instead of keeping the $10,000 for herself, the server who received the tip decided to share it with her fellow restaurant employees! Everyone received about $1,100 each. How awesome is that?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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