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10 Incredibly Heartwarming Acts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People performing heartwarming acts of kindness.

It’s easy to become discouraged by all the selfishness in the world, but there are still heartwarming acts of kindness happening every day! One TikTok account has been documenting as many as they can find on the internet. @o0ven shares slideshows full of unique photos on a variety of topics, but their most uplifting content is definitely their “Humanity” series. In these posts, they share amazing moments where people did something thoughtful for someone else.

We absolutely love to see social media accounts using their platforms to spread joy and hope. When people share heartwarming acts like these, it inspires others to be kinder, too. Here are some of our favorite generous actions captured by this TikTok account.

1. This kid was so happy when he received a gift from his hero, the garbage collector.

A garbage collector gives a young boy a matching hat.
Screengrab from TikTok

Three guesses what this little boy wants to do when he grows up! It was so nice of his local garbage collector to give him his own Waste Management hat.

2. He really went out of his way to help this passenger conquer her fear of flying.

A flight attendant holds a nervous passenger's hand.
Screengrab from TikTok

This guy is the best flight attendant ever! Even though his job was probably keeping him busy enough, he still took the time to take care of this anxious passenger.

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