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Michael J. Fox Receives Standing Ovation Before Presenting BAFTA Best Picture.

Michael J. Fox presenting the BAFTA Best Picture Award.

It is a close race between whether he has done more as an actor or as an activist for Parkinson’s Disease. Michael J. Fox made a surprise appearance at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). The well-known star from the 1980s and 1990s was introduced by “Doctor Who” star David Tennant. The entire audience stood up to applaud.

“Doctor Who” star David Tennant introducing Michael J. Fox at the BAFTA Awards.
Image from X (Twitter).

The standing ovation was held the entire time it took for the disabled actor to position himself at the podium. Michael’s Parkinson’s has progressed to a stage that makes movement difficult. He hasn’t made many personal appearances lately. Due to his condition, he was brought up to the stage in a wheelchair. But never one to “quit,” the star insisted on walking the final few steps, then standing at the podium. He was there to announce the nominees and winner of the Best Film award.

michael j fox receiving a standing ovation at tonight’s bafta awards
byu/bewarethechameleon inMadeMeSmile

As he began his intro speech, the room fell silent. Even with visible tremors and difficulty standing, Michael J. Fox is commanding. In his short speech, the actor talked about the ability of movies to bring us together. He continued, discussing the magic of movies and their ability to change your entire day. Indeed they can, Michael.

After the short speech, Michael announced the nominees, which included “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Killers of the Flower Moon,” “Oppenheimer,” “Poor Things,” and “The Holdovers.” The award went to “Oppenheimer.”

Michael J. Fox Is Still Moving Toward The Future

When Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991 at age 29, he could have given up. But he didn’t. Michael is a fighter and has continued working in movies and TV series. He worked on fundraising for stem cell research with former Superman, Christopher Reeves. He brought Muhammad Ali, also suffering from Parkinson’s, out to discuss the disease. The two made Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to talk about Parkinson’s.

Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali during a PSA the two filmed together.
Image from YouTube.

In 2000, Michael founded the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The foundation has raised more than $2 billion since its creation. Parkinson’s is currently the “fastest growing neurological condition in the world.” Michael continues to educate the world on Parkinson’s Disease.

His latest movie venture, “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie,” got a nomination for the Best Documentary category at the BAFTA Awards. The movie will be available on Apple TV+ later this year. The movie chronicles the life of Michael J. Fox and takes an in-depth look at how the disease has affected his career, family life, and the personal struggles he went through after his diagnosis.

Michael J. Fox may always be Marty McFly or Alex P. Keaton to many of us. He is also a hero in a world that desperately needs more people like him. He has battled Parkinson’s Disease for more than half his life, and he still shows up to give it his all at 62. If you enjoyed reading about Michael J. Fox’s appearance at the BAFTA Awards, please share this.

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