Man Declared Dead Comes Back To Life When Ambulance Hits Pothole.

pothole on a dirt road

Every once in a while, something so amazing happens that it seems like a miracle. This is one of those times. This unbelievable event took place in India. Here, the quantity of potholes, as well as their often dangerous size, is widely discussed. And yet, when a dead man comes alive, it seems that a pothole is the hero.

Before this event took place, 80-year-old Darshan Singh Brar had been in a hospital. Even worse, he had been on a ventilator for four whole days. Then, one morning, doctors shared that his heartbeat had stopped.

View from behind of someone wheeling an empty gurney into an open ambulance.
Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

Darshan was declared dead and taken off the ventilator. Naturally, their friends and loved ones began to mourn. Balwan Singh, one of his grandsons, recalls that day.

“My brother in Patiala informed us around 9 am on Thursday about our grandfather’s death, and he was getting him to Nising in an ambulance for his last rites,” Balwan says. “We had informed our relatives and other local residents who knew him and they had already gathered to mourn his passing. A tent had been set up and food had also been arranged for the mourners. We had also got wood for the cremation.”

Dead Man Comes Alive Thanks to Pothole

A road with one massive pothole full of water and two smaller ones near it. Next to the road are large fields and a small fence with overbrush.
rüveyda / Pexels

On the ride, the ambulance hit a significant pothole. In doing so, Darshan’s grandson noticed his grandfather’s hand move. This prompted the grandson to check for a heartbeat. When he found one, he urged the ambulance to take them to the nearest hospital.

Here, the doctors confirmed that Darshan was, in fact, still alive. Although the 80-year-old is still in critical condition, he is recovering. And just like that, the mourning turned into celebration!

The second hospital says that since they weren’t around for the moment Darshan was declared dead, they can’t confirm for certain if he ever really died or if a mistake was made. In any case, this man’s family feel that a miracle happened.

“It is a miracle,” Balwan says. “Now we are hoping that my grandfather recovers soon. Everyone who had gathered to mourn his death congratulated us, and we requested them to have the food we had arranged. It is God’s grace that he is now breathing and we are hoping he will get better.”

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