Baby Born In McDonald’s Parking Lot: “He Decided He Wanted To Make A Quick Stop.”

Analysia and Daniel Beck smile in the back of an ambulance. Analysia holds their newborn, Micah, in her arms.

It’s best to stay off the roads during a snowstorm, whenever possible. But when a soon-to-be-newborn makes it clear that they’re ready to enter the world, you don’t have much choice. Still, when Analysia Beck of Wisconsin started to feel contractions as she slept, she assumed they were Braxton Hicks. At that point, she had no idea she’d give birth just hours later, much less that her baby would be born at a McDonald’s.

But before that happened, Analysia attempted to sleep in her bed… until her water broke. That was the moment she realized they needed to take action immediately. As soon as her own mom arrived to watch over her other kids, she and her husband, Daniel, rushed to the hospital. That was their plan, at least.

View of paramedics and other first responders gathered around the open trunk of Analysia and Daniel. A stretcher is being brough to the trunk and it's snowing.

While on the ride over, Analysia realized that their baby was going to arrive much sooner than she initially thought.

“We were in the car for like two minutes when I was like, ‘Daniel, you have to pull over, I feel like I’m sitting on the baby’s head,'” Analysia recalls. “At that point, I knew he was coming, and we weren’t going to make it the hospital.”

Analysia and Daniel Beck smile in the back of an ambulance. Analysia  holds their newborn, Micah, in her arms.

The best place for the couple to park at was a McDonald’s. Here, Daniel called 911 while Analysia got in the SUV.

Meet Micah Daniel Beck, the Baby Born at a Wisconsin McDonald’s

According to Analysia, three pushes was all it took for Micah to enter the world. In fact, the paramedics barely arrived in time to catch him.

A newborn sleeps on blankets while swaddled. A round sign reads: Micah Daniel. Date: January 12th, 2024. Time: 4:12 am. Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz. Length: 20 1/2 in.

“It was terrifying, traumatizing, and painful giving birth all natural with no meds/doctors and seeing him come out completely blue because it happened so fast and literally in the snow,” Analysia shares on Facebook, “but he’s doing very well now and all we can do is praise and thank God for protecting us.”

What a way to enter the world — and what a great way to earn yourself a hilariously fitting nickname!

Analysia Beck smiles while sitting in a hospital bed. She's holding her baby, Micah, in her arms. The baby's eyes are closed and he's smiling a bit.

“Micah was born in our trunk in the parking lot of McDonald’s during a blizzard and appropriately earned the nickname ‘McFlurry,'” Mom explains. “And yes, we also realize the irony of his name being able to be shortened to ‘MICkey Ds.'”

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