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opsilon handpan

Woman Creates Magical Music With Opsilon Handpan & It Has Internet Mesmerized.

The opsilon handpan (also known as a hang drum) is the instrument you never knew you needed in your life.

Similar to a steel drum, the handpan is played with — you guessed it, your hands and is dome-shaped, rather than inverted. Musician Kate Stone is familiar with the hang drum, in fact, she’s basically a pro at it. She has an entire YouTube channel full of her music — but one performance of “Urban” may be the most magical of them all.


Kate is from Berlin and started playing classical piano when she was very young. Eventually, she found her way to the hang drum, which she says is a “powerful instrument combining melody and percussion.”

In her video below, we are able to hear the true beauty that comes from the opsilon handpan — it’s unlike any instrument we’ve heard before.


When she starts playing, it truly sounds like multiple bells are ringing, when really, she’s simply using her own two hands. About 30 seconds in, she starts adding in the percussion sounds by tapping the instrument in new places and the music sounds like something you’d hear during a luxurious massage or meditative yoga session.

kate stone handpan

People online are understandably mystified by her music (and the instrument!), saying “I’m in love!” and calling it magical. The impressive thing about the hang drum is that most are handmade and therefore hard to come by.

Check out “Urban” in the video below — and prepare to be relaxed! Be sure to share this mesmerizing music with your friends!

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