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Man Captures Dog’s Extreme Stalking Skills In Hilarious Home Video.

Having a real-life stalker is really only flattering if it’s your dog.

If you’ve never heard the term “velcro dog,” it’s used to describe breeds who prefer hanging out with their owners than anybody else and follow them pretty much anywhere they go. Lap dogs do it because they’ve just been bred to be dependent on us, whereas larger dogs like German shepherds and Rottweilers do it because they were bred to work side by side with humans. Similarly, Maddie shadows her owner, Mike Taddeo, wherever he goes. And if she happens to invade his privacy every now and then, that’s just the price you pay.

maddie in bathroom

Mike’s no doubt used to it by now, but the rest of the world fell in love with Maddie earlier this summer, when he took to Twitter to show how seriously she takes her stalking duties. They were probably in the middle of a tug-of-war game or something when he suddenly realized he needed to head out to the store real quick, so he dashed out the door and…

What, he thinks this tire will keep me entertained until he gets back?

maddie with tire

Maddie drops the tire and scrambles to the closest window, then just stands there looking utterly betrayed as she walks away. Where is he going, and why, as a certified member of the pack, wasn’t she invited along?

maddie front door

Then he walks past a gate and along the side of the house, and suddenly her ghostly apparition appears in every window on his way out of the house. If Mike ever decides to set this to a soundtrack, here’s our suggestion…

Every breath you take, every move you make…


Whoa. Talk about ghostly apparitions. How’d she get there so fast?

Watch this adorable pooch in action and remember to share with anyone you know whose dog literally shadows them wherever they go!

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