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Rottweiler Saves Small Dog Snatched By Coyote In Dramatic Video.

If you live in an urban area, you may believe you and your small pets are free from the threat of a coyote attack. But one man learned his neighborhood wasn’t quite as safe as he thought when he viewed the incredible security footage below.

The man lives in the middle of a city, an area with no previous coyote sightings.


Plus, it was 7 am, and coyotes are normally active at dusk. So the man and his wife left Trixxie, their small Chihuahua-weenie, chained up near the driveway while they went inside– just for a few minutes.

But that was all the time it took for a coyote to emerge from the far side of the field, quickly zeroing in on its prey. Trixxie couldn’t outrun or fight off the coyote, who picked her up and started dragging her away.


It looks like it’s game over for this small pooch. But suddenly, a formidable shadow launches out from the next yard over.


Unfortunately for the coyote, the commotion had caught the attention of the neighbor’s Rottweiler, Happy.

In the right hands, Rotties are sweet and devoted, but they’re also known for being protective and territorial. Unlike German shepherds, who always bark out a warning, Rotties are more the strong, silent type. You probably won’t even know you’re in their crosshairs until it’s too late.


Happy not only jumped into the fray, allowing Trixxie to escape, but continued chasing the coyote until it ran off with its tail between its legs.

Watch this heroic rescue in the clip below, and share to spread happiness that Happy saved his little buddy!

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