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Luke Bryan Pulls 5-Yr-Old Fan Onstage & Can’t Help Laughing At What Comes Out Of Her Mouth

View from a distance of Luke Bryan and a young fan on stage. He has an arm wrapped around her shoulder as he squats to be on her level. He's holding her sign in front of them.

The season finale of American Idol premiered a little over a month ago. In that time, Katy Perry, who is leaving the show, has shared that she’s working on new music. Meanwhile, fellow judge Luke Bryan is out on the road performing. His tour, which is called Mind of a Country Boy, is making stops all across the United States and Mexico. Along the way, he’s getting the chance to meet fans of all ages. But one of his best interactions has to be with a kid who held up a sign that reads “Luke Bryan, A selfie with me or a song with me = My kind of night.”

The little girl holding the sign is only 5 years old. As you can imagine, then, this young fan was quick to catch Bryan’s attention. In fact, she won him over! Soon enough, she was invited to join him on stage. Here, the two of them had a hilariously wholesome interaction. This gave the 5-year-old the chance to reveal her favorite song of Bryan’s: But I Got A Beer In My Hand.

@madiibroooke I hope this reaches the rught audience and gets to Ella’s fam #lukebryan #vanandelarena @Luke Bryan @Van Andel Arena #country #concert #michigan ♬ original sound – madiii

The title alone makes their interaction so funny. But the moment that truly kills Bryan is when the 5 year old, without hesitation, doesn’t remove or change the curse word in one of the lines they sing together. The line? “I ain’t got a give in my damn right, I can do this all night.”

Luke Bryan Fans Can’t Get Over His Hilarious Interaction With a Kid

“You’re not supposed to say ‘damn!'” Bryan tells Ella while laughing. “Do your parents let you say ‘damn?'”

Her answer to his question, of course, is a “yes.” It was in that moment that the audience, and Bryan, realized that they couldn’t love Ella more.

“I hope this reaches the right audience and gets to Ella’s fam,” the fan who shared the video writes, with a fellow fan adding in the comments, “This is adorable.”

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