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What Neighbors Should Be — Woman Shares Kind Gesture Elderly Neighbor Does For Families On His Block

An elderly man gives a package of eggs to his younger neigbor.

One woman was touched to find out that her neighbor has been giving fresh eggs to everyone on the block! She caught the sweetest footage of the elderly man stopping by to speak with her boyfriend. After that, he handed the younger man a package of eggs, too. The couple was touched by the lovely gesture!

It turns out that the elderly gentleman is pretty organized when it comes to his acts of kindness. In order to make sure all his neighbors get their eggs, he has a system in place. The woman explained how it works in her video.


this was soo precious :’) 🥹 i wish i had the audio on it #foryou #viral #ring #daily #trend #tiktok

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“We just moved into the neighborhood and this older man that lives down the street comes to us with fresh eggs and says every neighbor just puts the empty box with their name on in it in his mailbox so he can refill them for everyone,” she wrote in her post.

In the caption, she added, “This was soo precious.”

Internet users are falling in love with this sweet neighbor.

Commenters absolutely loved seeing this generous neighbor bringing fresh eggs to the new people on the block. Many users advised the couple to treasure this sweet man!

“Pleaseeee check in on him!” one person wrote. “Make him feel like family! There aren’t many like him anymore and we need to cherish and protect the ones that do exist! Love that y’all got to experience someone like this.”

An elderly man gives a package of eggs to his younger neigbor.
Screengrab from TikTok

Additionally, a few others came up with some great ways for this woman and her boyfriend to reciprocate!

“Omg as someone who loves to bake I’d ask what his favorite treats are and use those eggs to bake him a sweet treat,” said one commenter.

Another added, “Maybe invite him over for dinner or a cookout sometimes. Maybe he’s doing this bc he is lonely trying to make friends and enjoys getting out and talking to everyone.”

These are excellent suggestions!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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