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Looking For A New Pet? Meet 15 Critters Who Get Our Seal Of Approval!

We’re all for non-traditional pets. Want a miniature pony for your home? Great! A living room filled with ducks? Awesome. Got a tankful of axolotls? Go nuts. But a seal?

The Twitter page “Why You Should Own A Seal” is nothing but adorable pictures and videos of seals doing seal things. Honestly, they make build a pretty good case for smuggling a seal home after our next trip to the beach. (We kid, of course! Please do not actually kidnap or own a seal. They’re wild animals, after all.)

Here are a few of the arguments for having a seal as a pet. See if you can find fault with them, because we sure can’t!

1. Cats are just as unimpressed with seals as they are with everything else, but that doesn’t stop our seal buddy from trying.

2. They’re adorable even when they’re just sitting there, doing nothing. Yet when we try it, we look “lazy” and “at loose ends.”

3. They can nap anywhere. And we do mean anywhere.

4. They’re really good at expanding and contracting.

5. You can put them in tubs. Rubber duckies encouraged, but not required.

6. Did we mention their ability to expand and contract at will? Convenient!

7. Exhibit A: the way they move. It’s like a Slinky married a slug, and we love it.

8. Did you know they sneeze? At least, we think that’s what this noise is.

9. Can double as a potato. Handy!

10. Will give you puppy-dog eyes without actually being a puppy dog.

11. They’ll follow you anywhere as long as you’ve got the food bucket.

12. They’re easily amused. Get a sheet of black plastic and you’ve got yourself a Slip ‘N Slide.

13. They’re social little marshmallows that bob around happily.

14. Just another reminder of those big, dark puppy-dog eyes.

15. They are round and soft, and, sometimes, they even smile at us.

Don’t know about you, but we are sold! Off to check the lease to see if seals are allowed in our apartment. Something tells us the landlord might need convincing, and we know just where to send him online.

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