15 Reasons To Get A Duck That Are Honestly Pretty Convincing

When we think of pets, we normally think of dogs, cats, and maybe the occasional indoor bunny.

We don’t often think of ducks as being pets; they’re more like farm livestock. There’s a Twitter page that disagrees with this line of thinking, however. “Why You Should Get A Duck” has more than 487,000 followers who have all become duck fanatics thanks to their uber-cute posts. Honestly, their evidence is pretty convincing.

1. You can carry ducklings around in your pocket. I mean, come on.

2. Kittens cuddle with ducklings. Have you ever seen anything this adorable in your entire life? Didn’t think so.

3. Ducks might mistake a stuffed toy for a friend. We are SOLD.

4. Ducklings can use a dog as a duck school bus.

5. You can take your duck on trips with this cool clear backpack.

6. You’ll find the most precious accidental selfies on your camera roll.

7. We honestly can’t handle the cuteness!

8. Ducks can be totally silly, like this guy who must have dropped his keys or something.

9. Those little webbed feetsies!

10. If you can’t see why you need a duck just by looking at this picture, we can’t help you.

11. They’re just so happy and sweet! Positively quack-tastic.

12. They’re talented too. Need a drummer for your band? Done!

13. See? Ducks totally rock.

14. Somebody’s fresh from the beauty parlor and ready to rumble!

15. Last but not least, always accept the call. Always.

We don’t know about you, but we are sold on the idea of adding a duck (or three!) to our family. It turns out we’ve been living a lie all this time – we’re actually urban farmers who can totally keep ducks! Just don’t tell our landlords!

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