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“Hearts Melted, Tears Fell…” Teacher’s Emotional Goodbye To Stray Pup Turns Into Lesson On Compassion. “In His Honor, We Have Named This Pup Scholar.”

New Orleans teacher sitting on a chair outside of a rescue center with his puppy.

Having to say goodbye to a loved one is not an easy task. But unfortunately, sometimes we are left with no other option.

That’s what a New Orleans teacher had to learn the hard way when his landlord found out he had a stray puppy living in his home. In order to keep his home, this teacher had to make the difficult decision of getting rid of the 4-month-old puppy. However, he was determined to do all that it took to ensure his pup found a safe and loving home… even if that meant camping outside a rescue center until someone arrived.

A Facebook post written by Villalobos Rescue Center - Life 4 Paws, Inc. that  says: "A TEACHING MOMENT
This morning Lizzy came in to work to see this man sitting in front of our building with a skinny little pup.  Knowing that we were BEYOND capacity, she took a deep breath and prepared to give this man "the speech"
The little guy had been found as a stray and this man who was also a teacher at a New Orleans school, took this sweet little boy home to care for him.  But it didn't last long for when his landlord found out, he told him to get rid of the puppy.
With heavy heart, he showed up to our Claiborne location and sat there until someone arrived.  As Lizzy listened to the teacher's story, her feeling of defeat soon turned to compassion and a renewed sense of faith in humanity began to take over.
Paperwork was filled out and we assured the good Samaritan teacher that the pup was in good hands. But then he had one last request...to say "good-bye"  Hearts melted, tears fell, and a little scraggly tail went "thumpity thump, thump"
Today we learned something. Not all heroes wear capes.  On this beautiful Sunday morning, we realized that somewhere in a city filled with crime and helplessness, he stands at the head of a classroom where his only "weapon" is his knowledge.  
In his honor, we have named this pup "Scholar" and together we hope their story will change lives. enrich minds and teach that together, we can make the difference even if just for a moment.  
To make a donation to help "Scholar" and the rest of his VRC "brothers and sisters": https://vrcpitbull.com/how-you-can-help/donations/ "
New Orleans teacher sitting on a chair outside of a rescue center with his puppy.

This teacher’s story proves that we don’t have to be in a classroom to learn new things from the book of life. Just ask Lizzy, who was determined to give this teacher the rejection “speech” but quickly changed her mind as she learned the importance of compassion. It is people like this teacher that make the world a better place, and we just love that he did whatever it took to ensure Scholar was left in good hands.

We hope Scholar finds a loving forever home very soon!

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