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Lonely Elderly Woman Leaves Note Pleading For Help From Her Neighbors, Her Follow Up Note Will Warm Your Heart

A note from an elderly woman asking for books and DVDs.

When this elderly woman found herself cooped up and alone, she decided to reach out to her neighbors via note. She taped her message to a door in the lobby where the other people in her apartment building would be able to see it. All she asked for were some unwanted books or DVDs to help her pass the time. Her neighbors came through for her, prompting her to leave another message in thanks!

“Help — has anyone any spare books or DVDs,” read her first note. “I am 72 and live alone, and am going round the twist with nothing to read.”

A note from an elderly woman asking for books and DVDs.
Screengrab from TikTok

According to Merriam-Webster, “round the twist” is British slang for annoyed. So, what the elderly woman was saying in her note was that having nothing to do at home was really getting on her nerves! She included her apartment number on the piece of paper so that people would know where to drop off their items.

After receiving a stack of DVDs and reading materials, the elderly woman was so grateful that she left a follow-up note in the lobby. In it, she thanked her neighbors for their sweet contributions. She also said that, instead of keeping the books and movies, she would place them in the lobby so that everyone else could have a turn with them!

A note from an elderly woman thanking her neighbors.
Screengrab from TikTok

“Thank you everyone,” she wrote. “I am most touched and appreciative of your generosity and kindness. When I have finished the books, DVDs etc. I shall leave them on the little table in the lobby for everyone to enjoy.”

What a wholesome exchange! We’re so glad this elderly woman’s neighbors responded to her note.

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