Courteous Neighbor Leaves Perfect Note When They Start Sleep Training Their Toddler.

Image shows a note left for neighbors about a crying baby.

Raising a child is never easy, but it can be especially trying from birth to the one-year mark. When you live in an apartment complex with a baby, your chances of neighbor complaints rise exponentially. Knowing how to be a good neighbor despite the increased noise emanating from your abode can be a tightrope walk. One couple found a way to be neighborly and allow their toddler to be a toddler. The clever couple crafted a note to their neighbors explaining their current child-rearing problems.

The humorous and well-worded note warned the neighbors of the potential for loud crying. The shift came when the couple opted to begin “cry-it-out” training their child. This method serves to teach a child to soothe themself at night rather than needing a parent to rock or cuddle them to sleep. This method is harder on parents (and neighbors) than it is on children. As a baby learns to sleep on their own, crying is a natural side effect.

Stock image of a crying infant held in a mother's arms.
Image from Pexels.

The apologetic letter begins, “Apartment 207 here. I regret to inform you that we have begun sleep training our son.” It continues to explain that their son is experiencing “the dreaded 4-month sleep regression” and that they are ready to commence with drastic measures, meaning the cry-it-out method.

Stock image of a crying infant being left alone to cry-it-out as described in the neighbor note.
Image from Pexels.

Urging the neighbors to ignore the crying. They added that they were also crying (and going insane). The test period would be four days, with a week or two break before recommencing. Understanding of their plight was requested. There was an offer of a shot of tequila to mend the neighborly friendship if necessary. They added, “It’s cheap tequila but it will calm your nerves, it’s been tested and proven to work by yours truly.”

The neighbor note warning neighbors of the potential for loud crying from a couple's infant.
Image from TikTok.

The entire letter was an apologetic masterpiece. These folks really understand how to neighbor! There was a quick request to “keep us in your prayers and turn the TV volume up.” The couple added an offer to reciprocate with milk, sugar, or eggs. They revisited the offer of tequila and ended the neighbor note by signing it, “tired and sorry neighbors.” If you enjoyed this story, please share it with other parents or neighbors.

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