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Lola The Llama Does A Silly Lil’ Line Dance With Her Human!

Llama line dances with a ranch hand.

Integrating a new animal into an existing ranch can result in a period of trial and error. Depending on the new animal’s background, introductions should be made slowly. When the folks at Railhead Ranch adopted a new llama named Lola, she was a bit quirky. They did not expect their new llama to become a dance sensation, but there it is.

When a new ranch animal begins a llama line dance, you just gotta roll with it.
Image from Instagram.

Every time the handler took a sidestep toward Lola, the silly llama took a sidestep away. The Instagram post has line-dancing music playing in the background. The sight is pretty hilarious. In the caption, they were quick to note that the dancing was not intentional.

While getting to know Lola, the ranch hand observed that she likes her personal space. So, the quirky sidestepping was an effort to maintain that space. We can laugh at the antics and the silliness, but we also need to be aware of Lola’s feelings. We are confident that, while laughing at this llama dance, ranch personnel were working with Lola. Their goal was to ensure that she felt welcome and safe. You can watch the entire llama dance routine below.

Railhead Ranch Is More Than Just A Llama Dance Studio

Railhead Ranch is an animal rescue and sanctuary in Texas. They count among their animal family llamas, alpacas, cows and bulls, donkeys, dogs, cats, and a huge tortoise named Franklin. During the recent holiday period, all the critters got special treats. Franklin got a spicy treat.

If you enjoy watching various animals in a nurturing environment, you can tune into the Railhead Ranch by following them on YouTube and Instagram. The ranch offers videos about the different animals they take care of. They discuss the equipment necessary to operate a ranch. They are also working on home renovations on the farmhouse. Please share the llama dance so that all your friends can enjoy a smile!

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