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Little Girl’s Reaction To Falling Off Slide Is Unexpectedly Adorable

A little girl laying in the grass after falling down.

When this little girl fell down after reaching the bottom of the slide, her grown-ups were probably expecting her to be at least a little upset. However, she seems to have had a great time instead! In a hilarious video, the small child was playing on a tiny plastic slide when she took a tumble. Even though she was literally laying face-down on the ground after her fall, she still had the best response!

“That was wonderful,” she said, lifting her head.

We’re not sure if she was talking about the ride or the accident; either way, her reaction to the experience was too funny! Dad rushed over to pick up his daughter after she fell off the slide, but he still couldn’t help but chuckle at the little girl’s enthusiasm. How many people are still that happy after face-planting outdoors? That must be one adventurous kid!

Internet users can’t get over this little girl’s reaction to falling down.


“That was wonderful” Filmed by – Becca 💜 #neice #wonderful #almost2 #somuchlove

♬ original sound – Phoebe Atkins

Phoebe Atkins, the child’s aunt, posted the silly clip on social media, where it went viral. Many people found the video oddly inspiring! Commenters have been applying the little girl’s attitude to their own lives.

“She’s teaching us how we should view life,” wrote one user. “Wonderful indeed!”

Another added, “I, too, will respond to the unexpected with ‘That was wonderful!’ Thanks, small human.”

A third commenter noticed that, even when she fell off the slide, the little girl never let go of the snack bag she was holding.

“Didn’t drop her snacks, she’s a champ!” they joked.

A little girl laying in the grass after falling down.
Screengrab from TikTok

We can all learn a powerful lesson from the resiliency of children. Even when they fall down, they don’t get discouraged. Sometimes, like this little girl, they even enjoy the ride!

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