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People Can’t Get Enough Of The “Genius” Four Seasons Baby! 

Four Seasons Baby

A one-year-old baby has become a bonafide celebrity after a video that was only meant for a family chat went viral.

A TikTok video featuring a quick-thinking little girl named Kate Wise has become one of the most watched on the internet. In it, Kate is hanging out with her dad and big sister, and her mom, Bailey, asks, ” I have a question for everybody. Who wants to go to Four Seasons Orlando?”

The question itself is not what’s making people enamored, though. Instead, it’s the way little Kate responds. As Bailey poses the question, Kate listens intently. Then she answers like a full-grown adult by raising her tiny finger into the air and saying, “Me!”


If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂

♬ original sound – Stefanie O’Brien

The eight-second-long video earned nearly 53 million views in two weeks, and that’s just on the original post. In that short amount of time, there have been thousands of reshares on several platforms. And there are multiple stitches making the rounds, too.

Baby’s Parents Didn’t Know The Four Seasons Video Was Shared Online

About 50K commenters could not understand how a baby could be so “aware” when her mother asked about The Four Seasons vacation. So People chatted with Kate’s family and asked if the tot was a little “genius” or if “me” just happened to be her favorite word.

“She won’t say ‘me!’ to everything,” her dad, William, told the publication. ” . . . It legitimately has to be something she recognizes and wants to do. She’s been to the Four Seasons before. She does recognize certain things and she does [say] ‘me!’”

William noted that “pointing her finger was how she first started communicating,” and shouting “me” is how she steals “some attention from her sister [Madelyn].” But Kate’s mom said her baby “certainly is smart.”

Kate’s parents also said that the video was never supposed to go public. William and Bailey shared it in their family text chat. And the baby’s aunt Stefanie O’Brien got a kick out of it. So she shared it with her “50 followers” without telling Kate’s parents. Then they got online one day and noticed their Four Seasons baby was going viral .

“We definitely did not expect it. It is crazy,” Stefanie admitted. “I think at first when we were looking at the reactions we were genuinely laughing so hard at every single one of the comments, the stitches…And now it’s just turned into this phenomenon.”

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