6-Yr-Old Makes Heartwarming Plea For Her Divorced Parents To Be Friends.

An adorable 6-year-old has gone viral after mom posted a video of her rant to YouTube. Her lecture focuses mostly on concern for the relationship between her divorced parents. But this talk is not what you’d expect. Rather than crying or playing victim, sweet Tiffany has only one goal: For mom and dad to be friends.


She emphasizes many times that “I’m not trying to be mean, I just want everyone to be friend…I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to do what’s best in my heart.”

After specifically focusing on her parents, Tiffany has a message for all the people in the world. She wants everything to be smiles. She wants everyone to be friends. She wants everything to be steady.

“My heart is something, everyone else’s heart is something, too,” she goes on to say.  “If we live in a world where everyone is being mean, everyone’s going to be a monster in the future,” she said, as innocently as you could imagine. It’s amazing that such grand and sage ideas are coming from a little girl wearing a miffy bunny shirt. But then again, wisdom can come from anywhere.

Watch this touching video of selfless Tiffany just trying to make a positive difference, and share it today!

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