Little Girl Learns Sign Language To Surprise Their Deaf Delivery Driver.

View from behind of a little girl doing sign language for her deaf delivery driver who is smiling wide.

As an adult, making new friends can often feel complicated. But a kid named Tallulah McLellan is showing us all that there are more opportunities to forge friendships than we may think. In 2020, she took note of the fact that her local delivery driver, Tim Joseph, is deaf. This inspired the thoughtful girl to learn sign language so she and the driver could communicate.

At first, the two of them communicated through hand-drawn cards. So, to say that Tim was moved by Tallulah’s kind gesture would be an understatement! The then 8-year-old’s mom captured one of their conversations, and it quickly went viral once she shared it online.

Little Girl Learns Sign Language to Chat With Deaf Delivery Driver

@wealth Tallulah McLellan, an 8-year-old from Greater Manchester, learned sign language to talk to her deaf delivery driver, Tim Joseph! 😊 Their friendship, starting with a hand-drawn card and growing through shared sign language, is the most wholesome thing you’ll see today. Like this content? Follow us @Wealth 🌟 Video: @mummybear1903/IG #emotional #inspiration #love #amazing ♬ original sound – Wealth

As Tallulah started to learn sign language, she began communicating kind phrases to Tim. This includes simple sentences like “have a nice day,” “good morning,” and “good afternoon.” In order to thank Tallulah for her kindness, the delivery driver brought her a photo of the two of them together.

Like Tallulah learning sign language, this kind gesture for the 8-year-old meant the world. And because she was prepared, Tallulah was able to say “thank you” in sign language.

Delivery driver Tim Joseph and 8-year-old Tallulah McLellan both give two thumbs up as they smile outside.

“It’s lovely to be able to communicate with her,” Tim shares with a translator. “And I look forward to seeing her on my round.”

Who knew that an 8-year-old and a delivery driver would become such fast friends? It goes to show that when you stay open to it, you can make positive connections in the most unexpected ways!

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