Delivery Driver Spots Sneaky Golden Retriever Making Her Escape — Carries Her Back Home.

FedEx Driver (right frame) rescues a golden retriever that had escaped out an open door (left frame)

Golden retrievers have a lot of quirky behaviors that make them an awesome pet. Occasionally, these little escape artists will use any advantage to their favor. Such was the case with our little adventurer, as the front door of her home blew open when no one else was home. Fortunately, a good samaritan (in the form of a delivery driver) passed by just in time to perform an unscheduled golden retriever rescue.

Catcher, a 61-pound golden retriever, took advantage of an open door to conduct covert surveillance around the neighborhood. Unfortunately for Catcher, the powers of elusiveness did not include an invisibility cloak. A FedEx driver spotted the wayward pup and promptly returned her to her home.

Blurry, sun-drenched image of a FedEx truck. You can barely make out the image of the driver carrying a large dog in the lower right-hand corner.
Image from TikTok.

The delivery driver not only brought Catcher home, but he put her inside and triple-checked to make sure that the door was closed securely. While that was an amazingly neighborly thing to do, there is more reason for us to celebrate this FedEx driver.

Why This Golden Retriever Rescue Is So Incredible

FedEx tracks its drivers. They are not permitted to make unscheduled stops. Drivers are also not allowed to pick up passengers. Not even the four-legged variety. For this driver to see the dog, recognize that she shouldn’t be out, and return her to her home is an amazing feat of humanitarianism. If FedEx fusses, this man could have lost his job over this act of kindness. The expression on Catcher’s face tells us that she knew the mission was over!

A FedEx delivery driver brings home an escaped golden retriever.
Image from TikTok.

We believe that one shouldn’t receive punishment for doing the right thing. We also want to point out how heroic this action was, especially given the potential ramifications. How fantastic would the world be if we all just took a few seconds to appreciate one another? If you see something, say something or do something. It takes so little to make others smile. Use this driver as an example and do what he did. See something wrong and fix it.

We are heading into the holiday and gift-giving season. Be sure to give the gift of caring to everyone on your list. If this golden retriever rescue story made you smile, pass it along to others so they can smile, too!

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