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Mundane Tweet Turns Into Incredibly Wholesome Interaction Between Strangers.

A man poses with 10 Big Mac meals in the trunk of his car.

People can sometimes get pretty nasty online, but every now and then a wholesome tweet or social media post restores our faith in humanity. One random comment on X even led to a real-life act of kindness! When a user made a joke about the value of currency in South Africa, a total stranger had a question. What could you buy for $20 in that country? Their conversation came to a pretty unexpected conclusion!

It all started with user Michaela Oakland, who wrote, “If someone sent me $2,000 I think I’d be less stressed.”

Neil Bensch responded, “Same but like $20 would make me less stressed even because I’m from South Africa and our currency is useless.”

Here’s how this brief tweet ended up prompting a wholesome act of kindness!

Tim Castleman was curious: what could you buy for $20 in South Africa?

A tweet about the value of South African currency.
Screengrab from X

A simple tweet got the conversation rolling. What would $20 get you in South Africa?

It turns out, you can buy quite a lot — like 10 Big Macs, for example.

A tweet from a longer conversation on X.
Screengrab from X

To make things easy, Neil decided to quantify the value of South African currency in Big Macs. Tim had an interesting response.

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