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Little Girl Doesn’t Like Her Middle Name… Until Mom Gives A Sweet Reminder

A woman looks eyes-wide at her daughter in the mirror as she does her hair. The little girl looks back with an unsure look on her face.

Our names, whether given or chosen, are an important part of our identity. That’s why it can be so upsetting when people refuse to learn how to say someone’s name correctly. Unfortunately, this is an especially common occurrence for those who don’t have European-sounding names. While filming a video with her daughter, Nika Diwa learned that this is something her young daughter experiences with her Nigerian middle name.

In the video, little Zion Rose expresses that she doesn’t like her middle name, Otutochukwu, and the reason why is heartbreaking: “No one can say it.” In response, Nika makes it clear that someone not being able or willing to say her name correctly isn’t her problem. Instead, she encourages her to be proud of her name.

As part of Nika’s encouragement, she explains what Otutochukwu means. In the video, Mom notes that she got the meaning incorrect, later adding that the actual meaning is “praise.” In any case, these words give Zion Rose the confidence she needs.

“That’s their problem,” the adorable girl says, repeating after Mom.

Mom Helps Little Girl Love Her Nigerian Middle Name

The shift in Zion Rose’s overall mood and attitude by the end of the video is so moving. None of us should ever be made to feel as though our name can’t be respected. In sharing this video, Nika not only helps her own daughter but others like her.

Mom and daughter smile in the mirror as the little girl gets her hair done.

“If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky they can learn to say Otutochukwu,” one person writes, playing off of a quote from actor Uzo Aduba.

“Loving your name can be hard when everyone is constantly getting it wrong!” another person admits. “Encourage her to always correct others.”

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