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6-Yr-Old Busts Out Adorable Dance Moves At Halftime, Then The Mascot Joins In And The Crowd Goes Wild!

little girl dancing with mascot

At InspireMore, we’ve seen some pretty incredible dance-offs go down. There was the Dean of Students in a Chicago neighborhood whose students challenged him in an ambush dance off. The nerdy looking dean holding a clipboard seemed lost at first, but it didn’t last for long.

Then there was newly appointed “Principal Alfonso,”who got his groove on in a big way. His performance was so incredible that students dubbed him with the most epic of hashtags #OurPrincipalisBetterThanYours. It was a seriously big win for authority figures everywhere.

This time around, 6-year-old Anessah, decided to jump out on the field during halftime. Then one of her favorite songs started to play on the stadium speakers.

That’s when she busted out some pretty awesome dance moves.

The stadium was mesmerized as soon as the little one started her rendition of ‘JuJu On That Beat’, her little hands and legs grooving to the popular beat. But when the mascot ran over to dance with her, the crowd went wild!

Trust us, their moves and sweet embrace at the end, will make your day!

Check out the adorable dance-off in the video below!

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