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Little Boy Loses His Mind When Big Brother Returns From Marine Corps After 9 Months Away.

marine brother

It’s always a happy time when our men and women in the military can finally return to their families after weeks, months, or even years apart.

For one little boy, missing his big brother had become a way of life. For nine long months, the child was waiting to see his brother, Manuel Rubio, return from his tour with the United States Marine Corps. Yet on the day, Manuel was due to return, his family didn’t even tell the little brother to expect him, hoping to capture his thrilled reaction on tape for posterity.

little bro and family

As the camera rolled, we see the child milling about as the grown-ups park the car and gather their shopping bags. “Are you going to play soccer again today?” one adult asks him as he shakes his head. He seems a little down, but all of that is about to change.

As Manuel steps out from behind the family car, the child stops dead in his tracks and stares at him. His whole body starts to shake with excitement as he realizes that after all this time, his big brother is finally home.

little and big brother

Leaping into his brother’s arms, the little boy lets out a stream of excited shrieks, yelling, “Oh heck yeah! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” Manuel can’t stop grinning as he spins his little brother in his arms, and the child’s words soon melt into wracking sobs of pure joy.

“This kid had NO idea,” Manuel wrote on Twitter when he shared the video. The clip quickly spread online, and everyone who saw it suddenly found themselves in need of a tissue or two. Is it dusty in here or is it just us?


Welcome home, Manuel, and thank you for your service to our great nation!

We are so glad we got to experience the joy of this little brother seeing his idol after all that time apart. They clearly share a tight bond that will likely last their whole lives.

Watch the emotional reunion below, and don’t forget to share.

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