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Military Mom Dresses As School Mascot To Surprise Son At Lunch.

Having a parent who’s away serving in the military can be tough. While their kids are proud of their service, that doesn’t stop them from missing them. Or military parents from missing their kids.

That’s why it’s always touching to see viral reunion videos of military parents and their children. Some reunions often involve a little sneakiness.

For instance, disguising a military mom as the school mascot.


The McKinley Elementary School in Appleton, Wisconsin had just decided purchased their new mascot costume. It seemed the perfect disguise for a military mom looking to surprise her son, Jack.

After high-fiving students in the cafeteria, the mascot mom sat down in front of Jack. Unsuspecting, he even offered her some food!

jack offers food

That’s when mom decided to reveal her true identity.


“MOM!” was the first and only word out of his mouth.

Jack ran the entire way around the table to get to her. Their embrace touched everyone; students and teachers alike broke into applause.


A video of their reunion was posted to the McKinley Elementary School Facebook page. They called it the best use of their mascot ever. Check out the heartwarming reunion below in the video below.

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Military mom returns….and definitely pulls off a surprise homecoming to remember! Jake did NOT see this coming…so glad we finally purchased the mascot. BEST.USE.EVER. This serves as an amazing reminder of the sacrifice our men and women in the military endure, and the children/family who miss them so…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Posted by McKinley Elementary School on Friday, February 2, 2018

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