Lion Cubs Won’t Stop Interrupting Dad’s Nap In Adorable Video

Two lions getting playful while their dad is trying to take a nap.

If my dad was a full-grown lion, the last thing I would do is bother him while he was napping. I have common sense. Apparently, these lion cubs do not, as they decided Dad’s swishing tail was a good toy. Or they enjoy the challenge of not getting caught. Kittens will be kittens, and lion cubs are just big kittens, right?

Ranger Cameron Schmidt captured this video at the Pumba Private Game Reserve. When he noticed the dad lion taking a nap, he started recording as the curious cubs noticed the flicking tail. If it swishes, it must be attacked. The three cubs started playing, and all was great until one cub caught the quarry.

Lion cubs playing with their dad's swishing tail.
Image from YouTube.

The playful tots all but ignored a few grumbles from Dad and a growl or two. They would back off for a second or so, then move in for another pounce. The movement of the tail was too much of a lure for them. Some quiet grumblings would not sway them from their mischief.

There were three cubs, but only two were brave enough to play catch the tail. And only one remained persistent after the first growls and grumbles from Dad. All was going well, and everyone was playing (mostly) nice. When the persistent cub broke out his sharp little teeth, that was enough for the dad. Once that happened, all bets were off. Dad woke all the way up and growled for real.

Too much. Dad lion woke up and chased off the playful cubs with a growl.
Image from YouTube.

All three cubs made a very wise choice after that. They scampered off to cause mischief somewhere else.

Three lion cubs out looking for mischief.
Image from YouTube.

We Are Similar To These Lion Cubs and Their Dad

Much like human children and regular house kittens, these cubs live for play. They are rambunctious and always looking for something to do. With lion cubs, playing helps hone their hunting skills, but not while Dad is napping. If you enjoyed this little “tail,” share it with your friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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