Life With A Golden Retriever: “This Is What I See Every Time I Have A Meal”

If you have a golden retriever and a glass table, your dog will sit under the table begging.

Every golden retriever has a unique personality. Although the running joke is that ginger cats share one brain cell, the same might be said of many golden retrievers. While they are highly intelligent and often selected for service dog training, they can also be very silly. Regardless of their intelligence level, they seem confused by glass tables. This hapless pup is trying to crunch a dog biscuit through the dining room table.

Confused by a glass table, a golden retriever tries to grab a dog biscuit.
Image from Facebook.

A person with a glass desktop and a golden retriever may feel like they’re being watched all day at work. It’s not paranoia. The dog is under the desk, staring at them from behind the calculator and the highlighter.

If you have a glass desk and feel like you're being watched, you probably are because your dog will stare up at you all day.
Image from Facebook.

The confusion about glass doesn’t always involve food. One family has a glass-topped coffee table. Their golden retriever lost its ball under the table. The dog could see it but not figure out how to rescue the ball.

This poor golden retriever lost his ball under a glass coffee table.
Image from YouTube.

More of the same in this short TikTok video that shows a dog begging under dinner plates.

This poor dog’s dad wants to eat his steak in peace, but the dog is intent on begging under the table. When his golden retriever asked the Magic 8-Ball if he would get a bite, it responded, “Doubtful.” This makes an excellent case for using placemats or a tablecloth if you have a glass table.

When your dog wants to share your steak dinner, it's difficult to ignore them when they are under the glass table begging.
Image from YouTube.

At least in the next clip, a golden retriever is begging politely. Sitting under the glass table during dinner quietly. You would barely notice it there unless you move your plate.

As you can see, having a golden retriever and a glass table in the same house means you will also have a lot of laughs. In many cases, dogs cannot resist begging, and golden retrievers are masters at “pity begging.” Please share this compilation of golden retrievers begging under glass tables.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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