Snoot Boops: The Extremely Scientific Way Vets Get Leopard Geckos To Open Wide.

Getting a leopard gecko to open its mouth.

Leopard geckos are amazing little pets. The folks at Chewy recommend them as a great “starter” pet for beginners. They are easy to care for, have low maintenance needs, and are absolutely adorable. You’ll still need to research to learn about this species to provide proper care. There are 2,000 different types of geckos worldwide, although not all are suitable as pets. You will also need a veterinarian who works with lizards and knows how to care for them.

Veterinarians have specific training based on their specialty area. A general practitioner vet typically works with more conventional household pets. Many are adding reptiles, including lizards, to their patient list and getting special training to handle these tiny reptiles.

Vet holding a leopard gecko up during a classroom demonstration.
Image from TikTok.

Part of the training vets receive with leopard geckos is the unique method of coercing them to open wide during an exam. Unlike humans, you can’t just jam a tongue depressor in their mouth.

Vet class teaching students how to perform proper snoot boops on a leopard gecko.
Image from TikTok.

During a recent classroom demonstration, the vet instructor was showing students the proper way to get a leopard gecko to open its mouth during an exam. Passing this little guy from instructor to student, he looks slightly stressed, but he is in good hands. The instructor explains what the student should do, and the hands-on experience begins.

Snoot boops? Yes, that is what is happening here!
Image from TikTok.

This technique, known as the “Snoot Boop,” is the most reliable way to get the little lizard to open wide for an examination. When you’re in vet school, this is one of the unmentioned benefits of the training. You have the privilege of snoot booping the cutest of the cute! Now… say, “Aaaaaaa.”

After a snoot boop, the mouth opens wide!
Image from TikTok.

You can check out the full process here:


no geckos were harmed in the administration of snoot boops 🦎

♬ original sound – NOCO Herpetological Society

Who Knew A Leopard Gecko Would Respond Like That To A Snoot Boop?

That has to be the most adorable little snoot boop of a leopard gecko on the planet! If you have a pet leo, we don’t recommend doing this too often. Maybe once, to see the cuteness firsthand, but after that, leave this trick to the pros. Doing this too often will get your pet accustomed to the booping and they may not react when the vet really needs to see their mouth. If you enjoyed learning this bit of leo trivia, please share it with other reptile lovers.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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