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12 Tiny Dragons Secretly Disguising Themselves As Adorable Pet Lizards

teeny tiny lizard in palm of hand, lizard with blue ribbon around his neck

Cats and dogs make great pets, but lizards are often overlooked when it comes to companion animals. No, they’re not furry, and no, they don’t necessarily like to cuddle. Plus, there’s the whole “eating bugs” aspect of their care, which is not for everyone. But the people who love caring for lizards are passionate about their cold-blooded terrarium-dwelling pals. After seeing how cute they can be, we can see why!

1. Just look at this sweet little face! He seems very proud of his jaunty ribbon.

gecko wearing a blue bow around his head and neck

Proof that tiny dragons can still be cute and cuddly.

2. This gecko is giving us serious puppy dog vibes. Who knew they could smile? We sure didn’t.

cute gecko smiling for the camera

He looks genuinely happy!

3. Apparently, cats and bearded dragons can be best friends! The dragon is probably just in it for the warmth, but what’s the cat’s excuse?

cat cuddling with a bearded dragon

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

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