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Labrador Puppy Hilariously Demonstrates “Sometimes You Just Gotta Scream Into A Pillow”

Left image shows a Labrador puppy emerging from behind a large pillow. Right image shows the puppy sitting calmly.

Livvy is a beautiful, full-grown yellow dog. As far as we can figure, she is a golden retriever and Labrador mix, but does it matter? She has been delighting her owner since mid-July 2020. In a recent post from May on the clublivvy TikTok account, Livvy’s mom shared an oldie but goodie. In the video, the cute Labrador puppy does something totally unexpected.

Human or animal, “Sometimes You Just Gotta Scream Into A Pillow.” The moment is so perfect. It shows a probably overstimulated puppy letting off some steam. The video is going viral because it’s so stinking cute!

While romping on the sofa with Mom, she hides her head behind a large pillow. What follows is a bloodcurdling scream that does NOT sound like a Labrador puppy. A disembodied voice across the room asks, “Did she just make that noise?” Meanwhile, Livvy pokes her head out like nothing is wrong, and Mom giggles hysterically.

Left image shows a puppy hiding behind a large pillow where she emits a loud, almost human-like scream. Right image shows the puppy looking around like the scream never happened.
Image from TikTok.

Livvy’s name was inspired by a nightclub in Miami, Florida. No matter how she got it, the name suits her well. She has grown into a happy and healthy doggo who still offers all that puppy cuteness in a larger package. We can’t be sure why she screamed while behind the pillow, but she also jumped a bit, so something in the dark space may have frightened her.

If you’re interested in catching up on Livvy’s first several years and following her through adulthood, please follow her TikTok channel at clublivvy. Her Mom chronicles her adventures playing with other dogs and her favorite toys and even speculates what would happen if Livvy won the lottery. The videos are sure to make you smile and laugh.

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