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Watch Husky Have Surprising & Not Surprising Reaction To Bacon Sizzling On The TV

Images show a husky licking sizzling bacon on a TV screen.

When you have a husky in your home, life can be unpredictable. They are happy, howly, and bouncy most days. As a high-energy pet, you must prepare for daily exercise and wrestling. They need room to roam and a yard to run in. Occasionally, your husky might enjoy relaxing in front of the TV, but you may want to take the remote away so they don’t do silly things.

While all dogs seem to love bacon, this husky is particularly fascinated by the image on the TV screen. He keeps licking, even though he isn’t tasting his favorite treat! Some of the commenters suggested that there was a smear of peanut butter on the screen. We couldn’t see any evidence of that, but it is possible. After all, experts agree that dogs love peanut butter.

Image shows three dogs with signs in their mouths declaring them "experts."
Image from Instagram.

If the video on the screen has sound, it could also be a Pavlovian response. If the dog remembers sizzling sounds and the smell of cooking bacon, his brain might tell him he tastes it. There is much about animals that we don’t understand. For humans, cooking bacon is a sure way to get slow-moving people out of bed on a lazy Saturday morning.

Aside from watching this husky lick a TV screen in hopes of a bacon treat, the 2husketeers Instagram channel has some hilarious content. These dog brothers and their mom have many adventures that keep you smiling.

Image shows three dogs and their dog-mom dressed in Unicorn outfits crossing a street.
Image from Instagram.

The dog’s Mom, Katlin Longfield, has a super sense of humor, and these incredible dogs are great sports with all her antics. If you are looking for a way to forget all your troubles and vanish into a wonderland of energetic and happy pups, this is your destination!

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