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Lab Turns Cheap Soft-Sided Crate Into Hamster Wheel In Hilarious Video

Images show a lab in a soft-sided dog crate pretending to be in a Hamster Wheel.

Many dog owners crate-train their pups to offer the animal a “safe space” to call their own. When her family decided to try their Labrador puppy out in a soft-sided crate they got a bit of a surprise. Normally, getting a lab into a dog crate isn’t difficult. When it came time for Leila Belle to enter this newfangled mesh enclosure, she probably walked in with no problems. But when the zipper closed?

Chocolate chunk Leila wanted no part of that gizmo, so she immediately tried bounding out of the enclosure. What followed was a cross between a tumbleweed and a hamster ball. The lab puppy was NOT happy in that dog crate.

A lb puppy in a soft-sided dog crate pretends to be a tumbleweed.
Image from Instagram.

Leila rolled and tumbled inside the crate, moving a good distance from the doorway out into the yard. Watching the results of this experience is hilarious. Fortunately, her puppy parents released her quickly from further agony. The lab is now accepting of the soft dog crate and no longer pretends to be in a hamster ball. At three years old, Leila is a calm dog and loves snuggling with her tiny little human sibling, Lincoln.

Image shows a chocolate lab snuggling with a baby at naptime.
Image from Instagram.

Leila lives with one dog sibling, an Australian shepherd named Princess Molly Lynn. One-year-old Lincoln is their human sibling. The two dogs and the baby have their antics chronicled by their parents on Instagram at lifewithmollyandleila. Leila’s activities include dock diving, animal acting, barn hunting, frisbee, rally, and fastCAT. You might recognize Leila from her image on the front of Purina DentaLife ActivFresh large breed treats. Whether you enjoy watching dogs romp or calmly snuggle, their Instagram page has it all.

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