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Dog Dad Enlists Labrador’s Help To Propose — But Lab Has Other Plans

Image shows a man proposing on a beach with the couple's Labrador helping.

The scene was perfect. He chose a lovely, romantic beach setting with near-perfect weather. Nola, the couple’s British black Labrador, was on track to help with the proposal. She was wearing a lovely bandana that said, “Will you marry Dad?” Tyler Kishbaugh had the day planned down to the last detail. He would ask Gracie Cleveland for her hand in marriage. Nola was supposed to help. As it turned out, Nola had a completely different set of plans for the day.

Tyler made one huge mistake — Nola was off-leash, and he let go of her collar near the water. A Labrador is going to do what Labradors do — Nola took off for a quick dip in the water. When Gracie said “Yes,” and Kyle stood up to get a hug, the dog vanished in a flash. “Congratulations, Mom and Dad… but… WATER!”

Images show Tyler Kishbaugh and Gracie Cleveland on a beach. In the left image he is proposing. In the right image she is accepting the proposal.
Image from TikTok.

It was going so well, and Kyle thought he had Lola trapped between his knees. It took mere seconds for the wily dog to slip backward and escape. Once she was free of her dad’s grip, she was GONE! Like a flash.

After the proposal was accepted, the couple's Labrador escaped and ran toward the water.
Image from TikTok.

Using your Labrador to help with your proposal is a great idea, at least on paper. However, it didn’t exactly translate well. The temptation of the open water proved too much for Lola to resist. Fortunately, both Kyle and Gracie are familiar with Lola’s antics. While Kyle should have expected it, the surprise escape only added to the special occasion. Apparently, Lola really wanted a swim.

We wish Kyle and Gracie happiness as they embark on their journey together. Lola will undoubtedly continue providing them with laughs along the way. Please share this to make your friends laugh.

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