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Kevin Bacon’s On The Loose! Wisconsin Family Finds Unlikely New Friend In Escaped Pig

A large pig named Kevin Bacon on his farm.

When this family discovered a stray pig at their door, they had no idea they were about to become such good friends with the affectionately named Kevin Bacon. Wisconsin resident Jake Molgaard was surprised when his wife told him she’d seen the animal in their driveway. Next thing he knew, the four-legged visitor was at their back door! Several phonecalls later, Jake was able to connect with the 450-pound pig’s owner, who lived on a farm about a mile away.

As it turned out, the farmer was out of town. In his absence, Kevin Bacon the pig had gotten a little restless and decided to venture out and find some new friends. Jake Molgaard and his family escorted the animal back to his home. However, even with the help of the Kenosha County Sherrif’s Department, this ended up being far more difficult than they anticipated.

A stray pig standing at the door of someone's home.
Screengrab from YouTube

Kevin Bacon wasn’t in a hurry to return home, so his new friends had to entice the pig with treats. It took about two and a half hours!

“He ate an entire refrigerator worth of food and a whole bag of marshmallows,” Jake told WITI-TV.

Jake’s daughter actually got a ride on Kevin Bacon’s back!

A girl riding on a pig's back at night.
Screengrab from YouTube

Another unusual tactic they employed, at the suggestion of Kevin Bacon’s owner, was to have Jake’s daughter ride on the pig’s back. For some reason, this motivated the animal to pick up the pace!

“The owner said that if he stops on you, you can jump on his back and he likes to run at that point,” Jake explained to ABC 7 Chicago.

A large pig named Kevin Bacon on his farm.
Screengrab from YouTube

Eventually, the Molgaards were able to return the renegade farm animal back to his home. However, the family’s relationship with Kevin Bacon wasn’t over yet! UPI tells us that they returned the very next day to visit the pig. They even brought him some donuts!

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