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Albert Einswine Escapes Pen, Leads Police On Merry Chase In New Jersey.

Cops Chase Pig

A portly pig named Albert Einswine enjoyed a day on the lam after escaping a Gloucester County, NJ, farm.

Albert ran a muck around the city on Dec. 5 and brought several police officers to the scene. Those officers tried to hone in their best Rip Wheelers as they attempted to lasso Albert—they were unsuccessful. But, they enjoyed the experience.

Albert Einswine

The Deptford Police Facebook account posted a video of the situation, captioning, “Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.”

In the clip, the cops laugh as they chase the pig. They try several tactics, but Albert remains one step ahead of them.

The caption explains that the officers eventually apprehended the clever animal by using “de-escalation techniques and the latest technology.” In all, Albert was at large for about 30 minutes.

Pig evades cop

While he caught some heat, “Mr. Einswine was released on his own recognizance,” it concludes.

The Clever Pig Gave the Cops a Chase of a Lifetime

A local news station caught up with the department’s Detective Sgt. Bob Jones, and he offered some more insight into the sticky situation.

“The video doesn’t show the whole thing,” he said. “We had to chase the pig for a quarter mile. They’re faster than they look. He got pretty far for what it was. I don’t know where he was going to go.”

Cops chase pig

“Cops chasing a pig is never not funny,” he laughed. “He wasn’t listening. He didn’t listen to our commands at all. Everything we learned in the academy went right out the window. Once we got a leash on it, he kind of calmed down. The scene became secure.”

Albert Einswine is now back home and enjoying life on the farm.

Watch the hilarious pursuit below, and don’t forget to share Albert’s adventure with your friends!

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