Man Takes Dying Dog On One Last Walk Up His Favorite Mountain Trail In A Wheelbarrow

Dying dog in a wheelbarrow

When Carlos Fresco’s dying dog was in his final days, he took him on one last walk to his favorite hiking spot.

Carlos shared Monty’s bittersweet story with BBC in 2021, and it has since resurfaced and gone viral for a second time.

Carlos explained that his beloved companion had been diagnosed with leukemia 18 months before the trip, but vets were able to get him into remission.

Carlos Fresco pushing his dying dog on a hike using a wheelbarrow

Sadly, Monty’s cancer came back, and it didn’t respond to treatment. Carlos watched Monty’s health decline for about two months. When it looked like Monty’s life was coming to an end, the London native decided to walk him one last time up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons in Whales.

Monty wasn’t well enough to make the hike on his own. So Carlos put his dying dog in a wheelbarrow and pushed him up the trail.

“He was so at peace in Wales,” Carlos told the publication. “He absolutely loved that wheelbarrow and all the attention he got when we were walking.”

Man Said “Goodbye” to His Dog Only Days After the “Adventure”

Carlos remembered meeting people along the way who stopped to meet Monty, and some of them even helped push the wheelbarrow and shared some tears over the dying dog.

“[He] loved nothing more than interacting with other people. He loved attention – if you stopped he’d put a paw on you, or rest his chin on your thigh, looking at you as if to say ‘stroke me again’,” Monty continued.

People helping Carlos push Mony up the mountain

It wasn’t long after the “last adventure” that Carlos said his final goodbye to his dog. Monty passed away in his sleep only a few days later.

“He hung on for Father’s Day. We were sleeping in my friend’s conservatory, and I saw Monty in the garden in the early hours of the next morning. He came in and curled up at the foot of my bed – and when I woke next, he’d passed away. I think his little heart must have given out.”

Monty was laid to rest in the garden of his family’s home in London.


“He was a very special boy and has been by my side for a decade,” Carlos shared. “God bless and goodnight little fella.”

Rest in peace, Monty.

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