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Diva Principal’s Hilarious Snow Day Ballad Has Parents & Students Cracking Up.

When you’re a student, nothing beats the feeling of waking up to discover that school is canceled for the day.

Maybe you remember the sound of snow plows or perhaps your mom would always come in to let you know… either way, that news was like a gift from on high. For the students at Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky, though, the delivery method and messenger were pretty unique. But that’s why their school cancellation is now going viral!


Chad Caddell has a great sense of humor, which is probably partly why he’s such a wonderful principal at Union Pointe Academy.

Recently, thanks to the cold snap that swept across the U.S., Chad gifted his students with a snow day. But the way he notified them and their families was what made his message truly epic.

Channeling one of his favorite singers, Mariah Carey, Chad created a unique snow day announcement video.


Using the tune of Mariah’s big ’90s hit “Hero,” Chad altered the words to let students know that they were free as birds for the day.

Not only does the principal have a pretty decent singing voice, but his presentation skills are totally on point!


Dressed in appropriate winter gear, he really gives the song all of the emotion you’d expect from a diva ballad such as this. He’s even got the hand gestures down to an art form, and his lyrical changes are truly hilarious!

“I sat down, and in 10 minutes I wrote the lyrics, and then my wife and I went on our porch, filmed it, and it was ready to go,”Chad said. “Honestly, I grew up a big Mariah fan – it just gives me a flashback to that slow dance in middle school where the girl at the end told you she just wanted to be friends…â€


A snippet of his genius songwriting is below:

“I’m reaching out to say that school is canceled for today.

Go back to bed, go out and play.

Tests and homework, not a trace – parents, don’t punch me in the face.

Play some X-Box and just smile, drink hot chocolate for awhile.

You can thank me really soon, here’s a snow day just for you.”


Look at him, pretending to have an earpiece in, just like Mariah! Who else wishes all principals were this cool and funny? This guy really is a hero!

Since posting the video on the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages, Chad’s excellent snow day performance has gone seriously viral. Watch his heroic ballad below, and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today!

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