Kangaroo Sneaks Into Family Caravan, Then Comes Back Later With All His Friends.

When their youngest son was 6-months-old, Justin and Bec Lorrimer sold their home and bought a travel trailer. The family of five has spent the last five months on the road and they’re drinking in every minute of it. “It’s been the most amazing experience for them, they thrive on it,”Bec told News.com. “They don’t know any different, but every day is an adventure. They just love it.â€

So far, the little family has traveled 35,000 km seeking out every bit of Australia’s beautiful countryside. They’ve been blogging about their adventures on their blog called Trip In A Van. Their first month of traveling definitely took some getting used to, but after the kids adjusted to sleeping in triple bunks and being around each other all the time things really started looking up.

“Now we’re in full swing.” Mac said. “I was a stay-at-home mum, and it’s great having another set of hands with things like bath time. We’ve had our share of barneys, but it’s definitely made our marriage stronger. We’re really close.

Last week while hanging out at the campsite, the Lorrimer’s were shocked–and more than a little amused–when a kangaroo hopped his way into the travel trailer they call home.

Dad was finally able to usher the little guy outside with a bit of persuasion, but the next day word seemed to spread that there were snacks to be had. Half a dozen roo’s decided to line up outside the family’s residence to take a tour and get a nibble of their own.

Their approach to parenting may be a little unconventional, but cheers to them for giving their kids an amazing childhood anyone would envy.

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