Orphaned Kangaroo Won’t Stop Following New “Dad”, Lights Up The Web With Their Adorable Friendship.

man being chased by baby kangaroo on beach

Whenever an orphaned animal is rescued from the wild, it’s amazing to see the bond that develops between the furball and its’ rescuer. Animals that are usually considered dangerous become gentle as lambs. We’ve seen lions, tigers, and bears be best of friends with their human saviors, but the cuteness in the video below simply cannot be matched.

Australian comedian Jackson O’Doherty rescued a baby kangaroo from the side of a rural highway outside of Sydney when she was just a few weeks old. With the mother nowhere in sight, Jackson promptly adopted the little joey and named the cutie┬áDamien (odd name for a girl, we know).

From that moment on, Jackson and Damien were inseparable. Once he realized the little joey didn’t want to leave his side, Jackson began documenting their daily outings, and the result has been hilarious.

From riding on swings to building sandcastles on the beach, the pair share their unforgettable memories with the rest of us.

The video kicks off with the pair playing on swings at a playground before Jackson takes off across a field with his best friend in hot pursuit.

‘Beautiful day, isn’t it Damien? Tag, you’re it!’ Mr O’Doherty said before he runs off as Damien chases him.

And it just gets better from there.

Check out their adorable relationship in the video below!

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