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Josh Turner Invites 98-Yr-Old Grandma Onstage, Brings Audience To Their Feet With Incredible Performance.

Don’t you love it when celebrities act like every-day people? It’s nice to be reminded that they are, in fact, humans like like the rest of us. We’ve seen rockstars like Aerosmith play a free concert with a gospel choir and 80’s rockers like Jimmy Somerville surprise a street musician, but the story we’ve found for you today is nothing short of adorable.

Recently at the Grand Ole Opry, Josh Turner took a moment during the show to clue the crowd into a very special surprise. Turner announced that his wife’s grandmother, 98-yr-old Lois Cunningham, was about to take the stage for her first performance at the world famous music venue.

Though Lois is bent with age, she walked under her own power to the grand piano sitting center stage. Lois took a moment to collect herself before the her big debut, but seconds into her performance it was clear this moment was meant to be.

Now what would a 98-Yr-Old great grandmother choose to play in front of a crowd of adoring fans? We are happy to say the matron hammered out a rendition of “Amazing Grace” that would take the most notorious outlaw to church.

Check out her awesome performance in the video below! It’s awesome seeing a life long dream come true.

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