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Street Singer Reaches Out To Child To Child With Special Needs, Serenades Her With Emotional Song.

man in coat singing to red headed girl in street

Music has an amazing ability to bring people together in a way that truly nothing else can. When people listen to a piece of music together, suddenly age, race, nationality, politics– the things that make them different from one another– melt away and you just have two souls sharing a magical experience.

Recently a singer called Kenny Sway of the band The Unknowns had this experience firsthand. As Kenny stood on the street singing, a young girl with special needs approached him from the crowd. For more than one song, the girl stood with Kenny, admiring his beautiful voice. Kenny’s heart immediately soften to the sweet girl, so he decided he had to dedicate a special song to her: Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” sung in the style of Whitney Houston.

Not only does Kenny have a phenomenal voice that definitely does justice to the incredible song, his version is noteworthy because of how softly he sings each verse with sincerity, never taking his eyes off his little fan. At one point he even drops to a knee to sing to her.

Meanwhile the little girl dances, holds Kenny’s hand, and places her own hand over her heart as she is moved by the music.

Watch the video below to hear Kenny’s touching song and see this beautiful little girl’s reaction.

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