Join Wrinkle The Duck As She Waddles Around In The Cutest Shopping Spree.

Duck shopping

Have you ever seen a duck go on a shopping spree? Until now, we never even imagined such a thing. But then we saw Wrinkle the duck enjoy a day at Petsmart, and we’ll never be the same.


If you haven’t heard of Wrinkle, you’re late to the party. She is the face behind the YouTube account called seDUCKtive. The cutie is the pride and joy of her owner, and they travel around the world recording her life and misadventures.

One of Wrinkle’s most recent trips was to Petsmart. The friendly fowl needed some new attire and toys, and she apparently wanted to pick out her own goods, so she waddled through the aisles and did just that.

Wrinkle the duck in a hoodie

The surprisingly personable pet tried on several adorable outfits, including a hoodie, a bee costume, a collared shirt, and, well, a duck costume.

Wrinkle the duck looking dapper

In case you’re curious, Wrinkle took home a pink hoodie.

Wrinkle the Duck Made Several New Two-Legged and Feathered Friends During Her Shopping Spree

Following her fashion walks, Wrinkle the duck shook her tail feathers for her adoring fans. Several customers couldn’t help but marvel at the bird’s calm and inquisitive demeanor. In fact, she might have convinced at least one person to get a duck of their own.

Wrinkle the duck Press Tour

After making new friends, Wrinkle went and visited the “inmates.” By inmates, we mean her feathered kind who are “living behind bars.” Or, you know, the birds who are on sale.

wrinkle the duck Meeting the Inmates

To make her day full, Wrinkle also played with some toys—her favorite was a ball—and stood on the scale. She weighed an impressive nine pounds, which means she’s bigger than some dogs!

Wrinkle weighs 9 lbs

In the end, Wrinkle went home with some fun goods and lots of new friends. Words don’t exactly do this shopping spree justice, though. So we recommend watching Wrinkle the Duck in action below.

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