Meet Wrinkles, The Pekin Duck Who Loves “Running” Marathons.

People who run marathons are pretty serious about running. They buy the best gear, train non-stop, eat right, and show up at the starting gate ready to take on a race stretching up to 26.2 miles.

Imagine the runners’ surprise when they glance down during the race and see a highly unusual sight: A large white duck wearing special webbed shoes, waddling as if her life depends on it.

You’ve just been “Wrinkled!” Yup, that’s Wrinkles the duck, otherwise known by her social media handle: “SeDUCKtive.” Wrinkles is a 2-year-old Pekin duck who was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Her owners take Wrinkles everywhere they go, from “California and New York, and everywhere in between,” according to her website.

In 2021, Wrinkles made waves online when videos of the New York City Marathon caught her joining in the race.

Since achieving that first runner’s high, Wrinkles has attended the Boston Marathon to cheer the runners on, and most recently she was back on the marathon circuit as a special guest at the Jovia Long Island Marathon Weekend. She even received her very own medal for participating!

Wrinkles admits she has no clue how her time compares to the other runners, but since she’s the only duck competing in these events, we’d say her pace of 18 minutes and eight seconds per kilometer at the Long Island Marathon makes her a winner. Any word on whether a duck can hold a world record for best marathon time?

Speaking of records, in 2021 Wrinkles beat out long-time internet favorite Ben Afquack for the Guinness World Record in the “most Instagram followers for a duck” category. She currently has over 601,000 followers on the platform, plus more on her popular TikTok channel. Better luck next year, Ben Afquack!

How adorable is this little runner? We’d never be able to finish the race if we saw Wrinkles running next to us because we’d be laughing too hard!

Watch Wrinkles running in the Long Island Marathon below, and be sure to share.

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