“Aww” Alert! Toddler Tucks In Sleepy Dog In Precious Moment.

A toddler tucks her dog into bed.

When this dog fell asleep in his human toddler’s bed, he got tucked in under the covers in the sweetest way! Thankfully, this adorable moment was captured on camera. Footage shows the cuddly pooch curled up in the little girl’s bed with the blankets tangled all around him. Not wanting him to be uncomfortable, the toddler quickly pulled the covers over the dog as best as she could. Once she was sure her beloved pup was warm, she laid down next to him.

Today tells us that the little girl, who lives in Alaska, refuses to sleep unless her dog, Furry, is nearby. While the pooch usually opts to lay down on the floor, he has also been known to crawl into bed with her from time to time.

A toddler tucks her dog into bed.
Screengrab from The Pet Collective/YouTube

A clip of the sweet toddler tucking in her dog has been going viral on YouTube. The internet is falling in love with the cute duo!

“Dog’s taking up 99% of the crib and yet she still wants to make sure he’s comfortable, what a nice girl,” wrote one commenter.

“This is why is so important to raise kids with dogs,” added another. “It teaches them love, compassion, responsibilities and how to nurture. So adorable!”

This statement couldn’t be more true. If you need more evidence that canine companionship is great for children, you can read about another little girl’s sweet relationship with her grandma’s pooch.

Watch the video below to see Furry the dog get tucked into bed by his owner’s toddler.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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