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Jeff Corwin Hilariously Manhandled And Squirted By Octopus In Blooper Reel

Left image shows Jeff Corwin having his lips sealed by an octopus tentacle. Right image shows Jeff Corwin being "showered" with affection from Pat the octopus.

Jeff Corwin appeared in the world of nature, in “reality” shows, when the Croc Hunter was on everyone’s viewing list. As we watched Australian Steve Irwin, a very young Jeff Corwin was comic relief. There are tons of bloopers and errors in judgment that make him almost comical. You can find blooper reals of his earlier years online in mass numbers. This TikTok commenter voices what a lot of us thought.

Image of a TikTok comment that says, "When Steve died I stopped watching Jeff because I was so afraid to stay attached and lose him too, this has healed my inner child some! I'm so happy I get to watch you as an adult now."
Image from TikTok.

That was then, and this is now. Since those early days, Jeff has become a well-known and respected member of the naturalist community, on and off-screen. A recent incident with Pat the Octopus brought Jeff back to earlier days. The curse words are bleeped, so this might be NSFW, but it’s not bad. Pat welcomed Jeff by “showering” him with love.


A humbling experience with Pat, the Giant Pacific octopus @Alaska SeaLife Center. GPO are known for their incredible intelligence, complex emotions, and, in Pat’s case, cheeky attitude! #wildlife #nature #bloopers #oops

♬ original sound – Jeff Corwin

This was not Jeff’s first encounter with Pat. He has visited the octopus on several occasions as she grew. Pat is a Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO). The species is known for its intelligence, size, and color-changing ability. GPOs can live from three to five years, whereas regular octopi only live an average of one year. GPOs don’t mate until later in life; a mother often dies soon after her brood hatches.

Returning to Jeff’s visit with Pat at the Alaska SeaLife Center. Jeff attempted to talk about the giant cephalopod when she decided to seal his lips to shut him up. You can see the power of the suction cups by checking out the marks left on Jeff’s face and arms after his encounter.


Replying to @Robyn More fun with Pat, the Giant Pacific octopus. As you can see, Pat is not even full grown and still incredibly strong. Thanks Chuck from @Alaska SeaLife Center for helping me out! #wildlife #blooper #oops #nature

♬ original sound – Jeff Corwin

Finding More Jeff Corwin Adventures

Jeff Corwin has grown up on our TV screens. We watched him and laughed during his early days. He is now well-known as an authoritative voice in the animal kingdom. You can follow his adventures on TikTok, Instagram, X, and Facebook. The clips from his multiple visits with Pat are part of a program about GPOs in production. They may not include these bloopers, though.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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