Jealous Golden Retriever Catches Dad Napping With Another Dog

A man has an arm around a golden retriever as the two of them nap on a couch. A second golden retriever has their two front paws resting on the couch as he looks at them, eyes wide from shock.

Like many golden retrievers, Bailey is one of the most friendly, loyal dogs any human could ever want. In fact, it seems that taking naps on the couch with Dad is one of his favorite hobbies. That’s why, when he discovers Dad sleeping on the couch with another golden retriever, he becomes quite the jealous dog.

If you take a look at Bailey’s social media accounts, Funny Dog Bailey, as he’s known on YouTube, you’ll find all sorts of silly content. About a year ago, it seems that Bailey got a new friend, a fellow golden retriever named Mia. Although they love each other, Bailey is firm with the fact that only he can have snuggles with Dad.

From the moment Bailey approaches the two of them laying on the couch, he doesn’t approve. Puzzled, he paces around, trying to figure out his next move. He even lets out a few low barks of frustration.

Jealous Golden Retriever Nuzzles His Way Into Dad’s Arms

Eventually, Bailey simply nuzzles his way between Mia and Dad — but that’s not where their battle for attention ends. The two of them continue their game of “no, this is my spot” for a good bit. Meanwhile, Dad can barely contain his laughter.

“Bailey is always more rambunctious than Mia and nudges his way in!” one person writes. “So precious!!”

“Bailey is such an adorable floofybutt,” another person says. “He just works it until he’s in there! Gotta love his persistence!”

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