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Jason Aldean & 5-Yr-Old Daughter Have Adorable Argument About Her New “Boyfriend”

jason aldean daughter

“LORD HAVE MERCY.” Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, have trouble on the horizon—their daughter Navy is only five, but she has been seeing a boy for over a decade, and he’s tough enough to fight her dad.

You read that right, sweet little Navy is already in a long-term relationship with a boy named Conway. She shared details about the romance with her parents recently. Brittany caught the conversation on camera and shared it with her Instagram followers, and it’s absolutely adorable.

“I have a boyfriend,” she bashfully admitted.

Jason was standing behind the camera, but we can clearly hear him asking who she was seeing. Navy explained that it was the same boy who had just been to their house for a playdate.

“Conway is my boyfriend,” she giggled.

“How long has this been going on?” Jason asked.

“Um, 15 years,” she answered.

“Wow,” Brittany said.

Jason Aldean asked his daughter if Conway knew that her “daddy could give him a knuckle sandwich.”

“He’s five,” Navy said in response, as though that made it an unfair fight.

In his best tough guy voice, Jason said he’s gonna need to talk to this Conway character. Then Navy decided she wasn’t concerned about the fight anymore.

“He’d punch you in the face,” she said proudly. “He knows karate.”

Looks like Jason and Brittany Aldean already need to gear up for the teenage years, but we have no doubt Jason will know how to keep Navy’s boyfriends in line.

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